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Rebin Muhammad, Graduate Student, Math, College of Arts and Sciences

My name is Rebin Muhammad. I am from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and I am currently a PhD candidate at the Center for Ring Theory in the Mathematics Department at Ohio University.

I developed an interest in IGP after discovering the work of Instagram artists  @sharmina.haq and @samira.mian. I never studied art, but these artists inspired me to create artwork based on IGP. When I began creating IGP, my interest was personal, but as my involvement deepened I became aware of the potential of IGP in education, especially in math. I have used IGP to teach from elementary to university levels, from concepts as basic as symmetry and as advanced as wallpaper groups. I found IGP has great potential as an interdisciplinary subject in education via its ties to art, history, culture, and math.

I believe IGP offers unique benefits to students. I have seen IGP help students who struggle with math become more involved in math activities. IGP offers a creative and artistic means to introduce advanced topics (such as wallpaper group). It invites artistic people to pursue a new art form while also doing math. IGP can be incorporated in Creative Coding and technology.

It also shows people a different aspect of Islam and has allowed me a chance to share a part of my culture with students who have never met a Muslim, as I have when working with students at rural schools in Southeast Ohio. The experience of working together to create IGP promotes cooperation and understanding across cultures and across religions, creating a common experience in the moment, demonstrating common humanity to young people who may have been taught to be fearful of Muslims.

I continue to explore what IGP can do on many levels and I hope you will share this adventure with me.

My First IGP
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